“I had the real pleasure and honour to work with Nasia during 12 weeks for a complete coaching program that covered a lot of my needs as an entrepreneur and creative professional. Her method and work ethic makes it an extremely worthy investment for anyone who is willing to achieve more, and reconcile himself with the limits he may have created for himself.

Nasia uses a blend of techniques and insights to ask questions that are meaningful, deep and completely adequate to the challenge. Her approach is of an excellent professional, reassuring and assertive when needed. It is difficult to praise her work enough in a written feedback, but in the little time we worked together, I managed to reduce my workload, start a successful series of videos on Linkedin to assert my authority and receive a proposal with a large distribution news outlet to continue doing it in partnership.

She helped me see through multiple decisions involving contracts of more than a 100K, as well as selling shares in a company I founded – and all without ever leaving her position of coach and trustful advisor.

She never interfered with my own willingness but re-oriented my focus to the things that were more important and that I could not necessarily see. Every single week I rejoiced about our meeting, and I could see the progress in my own self-analysis and how I would position my own mind facing certain challenges. I highly recommend working with such a talented professional. She will no doubt continue to increasingly help people who recognise that to go far we need to be well surrounded – like a professional athlete would work with a coach or even many. I will continue myself a regular consultation and assessment as I progress on this path.”

– Charlelie Jourdan, Founder of 75Percent

“When I approached Nasia, I was lost in life with full of fear and anxiety. With Nasia’s guidance and support, I have been able to become more positive, secure and proactive. These changes have had a major impact on my private and work life. Working with Nasia has been a worthwhile investment, and a life changing experience for me. I love, and I will continue to use what I have learned from my coaching for years to come.”

– Abdulkadir Kuscu, Lawyer at Kusculegal

“Effortlessly inspiring” is the thought that comes to mind when I think about Nasia.
I’ve been working with Nasia for the past 6 months. She has helped me regain focus on what’s important in my career and life, helped me unravel my purpose and keep a strategic sight on how to move with decisiveness through any crossroad I face. Above all, her ability to quickly understand and calmly help put an actionable plan to track and measure specific life goals has proven to be absolutely pivotal.
Nasia would be a true asset for any entrepreneur or high-level executive looking to step-up his game and keep his goals in check. This comes with my heartfelt recommendation.

– Jad El Jerdy, Co-Founder Pixi Interactive S.A.R.L.

It is very rare that you come across a person like Nasia… It is a great chance to work with her. I have known her since 2013. It is great to be part of her trusted network.

Nasia worked closely with me at every step of my life’s milestones. Her great communication skills and professional approach created confidence. I experience high level of professionalism and efficiency during every consultation. Her speech on TedTalk and others influenced lots of people, including me and my network.

It is a pleasure and an honour to recommend Nasia to all others. I would recommend Nasia to professionals and individuals who wants to get what they want! Thank you Nasia.

— Izgi Iz, Co-Founder of Orchis Atelier

After only a couple of sessions with Nasia I had regained much of the professional self confidence that I had lost over the previous 9 months. She helped me to identify and engineer a clear purpose and gave me the tools to begin my journey.
By asking insightful and probing questions Nasia got to the crux of my problem (way before me!) and led me down the path towards my own realisation. As a result, I have a clear sense of what my priorities are and spend my time far more effectively, aligning each action with my goals.
Her authentic approach and genuine enjoyment of developing those around her enables her to strike the perfect balance between supporting you in your ‘vulnerable moments’ and encouraging you to take control and move forward.
She has helped me to gain perspective and clarity at a critical juncture and I look forward to many more discussions with her.”

— Jessica Bean, Education Professional

Nasia was absolutely amazing, attentive, and ready to tackle my questions! Thank you for the productivity boost I needed!

— Mandy Lutman, Digital Nomad, Copywriter, Blogger Soulful Mandy

I started looking for a Coach after year 4 of my business when work and private life just got too messed up. Many entrepreneurs will know what I am talking about. Initially, I talked to two coaches but already stopped talking to the other coach after week two because they way Nasia communicates with you makes you truly felt heard and understood. In the beginning, it is always intimidating to discuss personal matters and worries with someone you barely know – that’s why I am happy that Nasia made this so much easier for me. If you do not trust your coach, you will not open up enough and therefore not be honest enough to yourself and your coach in order to uncover true things/beliefs holding you back. Once Nasia created a safe environment for me, we discussed many topics; she helped me seeing those “problems” from a completely different point of view which made everything look solvable, almost easy. And for me, that’s what a good coach is about. Not giving you a to-do list with steps what she wants you to do, but showing that you already have the tools to solve it. Re-Tapping into your own power to master your life. I honestly advise you to give coaching a chance. It is simply amazing how not verbalizing/talking about your concern can create emotions of feeling stuck. Having a safe harbor like Nasia will change your life for the better.

— Phil Waag,  Entrepreneur

Working with Nasia challenged me in a way I wasn’t used to be. She asked questions I didn´t want to hear. She said things that hurt, but only because they are true. She never forced me to believe her, but instead, she walked all the way with me to face my fears. I can´t say that it was easy, but I can say that I felt safe. And not only felt I safe, but I felt like I was making progress as well. She has this empathetic, yet practical approach to things. Listening closely and noticing patterns, so that you can work on the source of the problem instead of the symptoms. I feel like it´s been an investment in myself, extremely valuable for everything I´m gonna do in my life from now on. She does take as much time as you need, corrects your path when you lose track and pushes you to transform and realize what you could do if you let go of your limiting beliefs. She will also take you only as far as you are willing to go by yourself. I´m really grateful that I met her and would always work again with her.

— Sarah Steiner, Business Manager, Entrepreneur.

Nasia created a safe space where it was easy to talk and work through whatever challenges you are facing. She provides guided insight while taking you through an introspective journey which looks at all angles of your situation. It was a great session which has left me feeling better and equipped to handle life’s changes.

— Alecia Lawrence, Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker, Trainer at I Live to Inspire

Nasia was amazing to work with! Great communicator and was always professional in her approach. I look forward to working with her in the future.
— Sean O Connor, Entrepreneur sustainable energy